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Moe's Barrels, of Galt & Lodi
It all started early in Moe's life the passion for Oak Barrels.  Moe was a High school  Senior in 2012-13, and they had a Home a Garden Shop in Galt, CA.  The day that the Barrels came to him he just received 50 cut barrels so 100 Half Barrels.  He sold all 100 Halfs right there before he unloaded them and at that Point the decision was made to start Moe's Barrels! So in 2014 It was Launched after plenty of Hard Work and a Labor of Love.  We Love Oak Barrels that Simple.

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Moe's Barrels

206 Market St.

Galt, CA 95632

Phone: 1+209-730-1370


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